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One Club Stub

One Club Stub Results

Pavilion Renovation

Long over due, but work has begun to refurbish the Barbecue Grill Pavilion. With donated funds and labor the work is moving at a steady pace. If you haven't noticed, the nasty old willow is finally gone. A new 22' x 34' concrete pad has been poured, Steel roof, ceiling and soffet, have been installed over existing frame next step is to remove old cracked concrete pad, move the grill and rebuild its base for easier use, finish concrete floor work. Then install a frame and roof over the new pad. Thanks to all who have contributed to this project. If you would like to help with your time, talent or financial contribution, feel free to contact Oceana Golf Club 231-861-4211 or email oceanagolfclub@gmail.com.


Stroke Play Championship

Stroke Play Championship Results

Mike Schramm pictured to the left is 8 time champion in the 9 year history of the event. He shot 75-70 for a one under par 145. At right Ross Finlan won the net division by three shots over Bill Shriver. For a complete list of results click on the link above.


June Lucky Winner

Congratulations to Brian Medacco from Pentwater on being drawn for the 4 rounds of golf with cart. From our list of VIP Members, Brian's name was drawn at random for the month of June.


2010 Joe Foster Open

With the weather forecast all week long leading up to the weekend of June 12 and 13 calling for rain and thunderstorms everyone was prepared to get wet. But, NOT ONE DROP fell during the 37th Annual 36 Hole Event, sunny and mid 70's prevailed along with excellent scoring conditions. The young guns (pictured) of Evan Aamodt and Scott Schuitema won with a score 63-64=127. Two time defending champions Ken Taylor and Brad VanDam had their struggles on Sunday after being in second after day one only two shots back, finishing 65-72=137 in 5th place. The individual round of the weekend went to Ryan Mouw shooting 65 on his own ball Sunday to help his partner Lane White win the first flight 72-62=134.

There was some incredible golf shots both days, but on Saturday hole #3 saw two Eagle 2's on the 314 yard par 4 hole. First Cris Gotaas knocks in a 101 yard 9 iron from the left rough. Playing in the same foursome Brad VanDam on the very next swing of the group knocks in a lob wedge from 75 yards out of the right rough. The odds of two shots back to back going in from that distance is unknown to this PGA Golf Professional, but it is high.

Todd Simms AGAIN

For the second year in a row Todd Simms made a Hole In One during the Joe Foster Open Tournament here at Oceana Golf Club. He Aced hole #6 using a 7 iron. The hole was playing 180 yards.


Congratulations to Richard Flickema of Spring Lake. He was our May monthly give-a-way winner here at Oceana Golf Club winning a round of golf including cart for (4) four players. You too can win, but not if you don't sign up. If you aren't already, become a VIP Member to be eligible.


Ron & Dave's Corporate Cup Results

Click on the link below to see the results of the event.


Annual Meeting Brings Forth New Board Members

Bob Blackmer said good-bye to the Board Of Directors at Oceana Golf Club after serving 18 years. The Club Treasurer will be missed in that capacity but promises to still be highly visible at the golf course in a volunteer status. Congratulations to New Board Members Bill Shriver of New Era and Gene Herrygers of Hart. Other Directors are Rich Lindenau, Frank Schramm, and Tom Kirk. Tom Kirk stepped down at President and Rich Granger was elected into that position. VP remains the same with Doug Raeth, Barb Altland was elected Secretary, Rich Tompkins is the new Treasurer.


Mason Beckman Ace's #17 And Makes History

Congratulations to Mason Beckman on scoring an Ace on Hole #17, using a 7 iron from 164 yards. It occurred during a West Michigan Conference High School Jamboree hosted by his team, Shelby, on May 8th. It was the FIRST Hole-In-One in 10 years during a Jamboree. It was also a First for a Shelby High School golfer ever.The Shelby Senior was also medalist for the 36 player event shooting 80 on his home course.


2010 Rotary Final Results

Shelby Rotary Scramble 2010

1st Day 2nd Day Total
Championship Flight Final Results

Bob Gosselin Lance Gosselin Jordan Gosselin Tom Cullen 57 58 115
Corey Parmalee Kyle Klotz Shawn Pranger Mike DeRuiter 58 59 117
Keith Riddle Craig Peterson Chad Saunders Bruce Kowalski 59 60 119
Fred Sanford Chris Griffin Erik Sanford Dave Wojcicki 59 60 119
Tom French Terry French Jay Allen Larry Boarema 62 57 119
John Brown Todd Brown Matt Anderson Mike Crouch 62 59 121
Chris Ritchie Ross Finlan Randy Lindquist John Szegda 61 62 123
Jason Freiheit Don Kline Bracken Netcott Scott Kriesel 61 64 125
Doug Raeth Brent Raeth Brian Sibary Steve Barns 62 65 127
First Flight Final Results

Rich DeRuiter Bryan DeRuiter Craig Mottl CJ Mottl 63 60 123
Kimm Griffin Rick Lallo John Arnoldi Rob Damuth 64 61 125
Tom Schummer Ted Schummer Jim Urban Jason Blair 63 63 126
Dick DeBruin Dave DeBruin Norm Langlois Duane Keith 64 62 126
Bruce Potter Matt hayes Joel Herrygers Gary Burns 64 62 126
Scott Pranger Tom Kirk Greg George Mike Papanoli 64 63 127
Pete Fricano Paul Jett Denny Hibbs Terry Bates 64 63 127
Eric Dobry Adam Falkowski Bob Farrier Ross Falkowski 64 64 128
Ken Anderson Mike Allen Jeff Oosterhouse Scott Luchies 63 65 128
Scott Wieman Brian Adamczak Kevin Simmerman Al Whitlow 64 65 129
Diane Balkema Mart Balkema Marty Balkema Joe Orlando 64 65 129
Gary Kriesel Randy Mahoney Dean Bates Matt Miller 66 64 130
John Gomez Judy Gomez Mike Grabinski Paul Sikkenga 65 66 131
Darrell Huggins Mark Helms Ed Hovey Martin Shalifoe 66 65 131
Tom Bisson Lisa Bisson Brandon Atwood Mike Horton 66 65 131
Keith Fleutte Jim Przbylek Greg Trevino Mike Olsen 66 66 132
Duane Fitzpatrick Dean Hertel Dan Hertel Mark Wynn 66 66 132
Ty French Roy Holden Brian Mathias Doug Bryant 66 67 133
Steve Milner Randy White Victor Garcia Steve Chester 64 69 133
Kathy Brown Mike Brown Mari Fox Tom Fox 66 69 135
Second Flight Final Results

Bill Shriver Kirk Payne Chuck DeLora Tom Murphy 68 64 132
Josh Conklin Scott Cobb Ted Cobb Tina Cobb 69 63 132
John Hickman Pat Hickman Mike Rolph David Flagsted 67 66 133
Tom Pruim Dave Pruim Jeff Timmins Keith Brott 69 65 134
Roger Hewer Jon Monette Rich St. Denis Ray R-12 67 67 134
Jim Smith Jeff McManus Jack Hosko Tommy Tomaras 67 68 135
Jeff Jenson Mike Sharlow Paul Senecal Ken Sharlow 67 68 135
Todd Fox Andy Malbouf Mike Nichols Eric Fox 67 68 135
Mark Fessenden Jon Anderson Mark Mussell Joe Felt 69 67 136
Bruce Kreiger Tom Posma Pat Barcelli Fred Reader 69 68 137
John Puffer Glenn Peddler Jerry Fessenden Larry Liefers 69 69 138
Dick Ghezzi Lee Saylor John Wynn Cal DeBruin 71 68 139
Dale Harris Mike Harris RJ Balcom Eric Balkema 71 68 139
Greg Greiner John Scheffler Jeff Davey Shaun Greiner 70 70 140
Ted Beegle Brad Semelbauer Brandon Semelbauer David Dykman 72 70 142
Paul Inglis Roger Gowell Jim Newman Bob Blackmer 74 69 143
Vern Humfleet Casey Vandermast Ken Cooper Robert Cooper 79 72 151

All Ties Were Based On Saturdays Scorecards

Saturday Proxy's Sunday Proxy's

#6 - Vic Garcia #6 - Josh Conklin

#8 - Jordan Gosselin #8 - Craig Mottl

#12 - Mike Crouch #12 - Rich DeRuiter

#17 - Bob Gosselin #17 - Pat Hickman

No Skins Were Won During Event


Rotary Scramble Day One Results

2010 Shelby Rotary Scramble First Day Results

Bob Gosselin

57 Champ
Corey Parmalee

58 Champ
Keith Riddle

59 Champ
Fred Sanford

59 Champ
Jason Freiheit

61 Champ
Chris Ritchie

61 Champ
John Brown

62 Champ
Tom French

62 Champ
Doug Raeth

62 Champ
Rich DeRuiter

63 1st
Ken Anderson

63 1st
Tom Schummer

63 1st
Kimm Griffin

64 1st
Dick DeBruin

64 1st
Pete Fricano

64 1st
Scott Pranger

64 1st
Eric Dobry

64 1st
Scott Wieman

64 1st
Diane Balkema

64 1st
Steve Milner

64 1st
Bruce Potter

64 1st
John Gomez

65 1st
Darrell Huggins

66 1st
Duane Fitzpatrick

66 1st
Gary Kriesel

66 1st
Ty French

66 1st
Kathy Brown

66 1st
Tom Bisson

66 1st
Keith Fleutte

66 1st
Roger Hewer

67 2nd
Jeff Jenson

67 2nd
Todd Fox

67 2nd
John Hickman

67 2nd
Jim Smith

67 2nd
Bill Shriver

68 2nd
Tom Pruim

69 2nd
Mark Fessenden

69 2nd
Josh Conklin

69 2nd
Bruce Kreiger

69 2nd
John Puffer

69 2nd
Greg Greiner

70 2nd
Dick Ghezzi

71 2nd
Dale Harris

71 2nd
Ted Beegle

72 2nd
Paul Inglis

74 2nd
Vern Humfleet

79 2nd


April Random Drawing Prize Winner

Congratulations to Nancy Pressler of Muskegon. She was the winner of the first prize give-a-way for four golfers 18 holes with cart. The next drawing will be held in May, and is worth 18 holes and cart for one, unless we can get 50 new email address to become VIP members. Tell all your friends and we will increase the prize package to 4 players, just like the one Nancy Pressler just won.

First Hole In One Of 2010

Clarence Cox of Ludington made the first Ace of 2010 here at Oceana Golf Club. Clarence accomplished his feat on April 19, on hole #12 using a 7 iron. Congratulations Clarence, we should be getting a picture soon to follow this remarkable shot.