Great Pumpkin Open Results

18th Annual Great Pumpkin Open, Oceana Golf Club
October 17, 2009
With the temperatures in the Low 50’s, and plenty of sunshine, no to very little wind, the Great Pumpkin was prime to be had. The course was set for a Five and one half hour round for the 37 two-person teams. There was a little bit of everything for everyone. Long holes short holes, but one thing was consistent, chipping and putting are key here at Oceana. The scores ranged from (66) by the Champions Marc Inglis and Lance Gosselin up to 143 for the eighteen-hole layout. The golf course is set up in a cross-country style layout, with different requirements once the players are on the green. The first nine holes are played in a two-person scramble and the second nine holes are alternate shot. Par for the course is 66. The following is a list of the finishers with pay places highlighted in BOLD. Matching scorecards broke all ties.

1st Marc Inglis & Lance Gosselin 66
2nd Derek Beckman & Jordan Gosselin 68
3rd Don Anderson & Rick Zoulek 68
4th Fred Sanford & Bob Gosselin 71
5th Tom Kirk & Scott Pranger 72
6th Kyle Klotz & Mike DeRuiter 72
7th Corey Parmalee & Shawn Pranger 73
8th Rick Brodrick & Todd Riker 75
9th Gary Babinec & Greg Babinec 75
10th Chris Ritchie & Ross Finlan 77
11th Mark Conaty & Mike Mervau 78
12th Gary Blohm & Ron Loudermilk 78
13th Jim Raymond & Wayne Place 79
14th Mart Balkema & Marty Balkema 80
15th Jeff Arnone & Randy Canton 80
16th Tom Swan & Brett Mikkelson 83
17th Jeff Davey & Greg Greiner 83
18th Joe Felt & Jon Anderson 85
19th Greg Mund & Jim Barnes 86
20th Andy Buck & Paul Inglis 86
21st Casey Fox & Tony Camargo 86
22nd Jim Wyns & Tom Fox 87
23rd Mike Russell & Steve Anderson 88
24th Tom Beckman & Mike Aebig 88
25th Mari Fox & Mike Brown 89
26th Ted Zoulek & Mark Babinec 90
27th John Ritchie & Terry Wildfong 91
28th Mike Failing & Eric Failing 93
29th Chris Adams & Steven Greiner 96
30th Kathy Brown & Tim Brown 96
31st Jim LaPorte & Father Anton 98
32nd Bob Blackmer & Rich Lindenau 100
33rd Mike Vella & Kelly Carlson 101
34th Lucy Lund & Kali Fox 114
35th Melissa Dyer & Melissa Omness 143

Beckman & Gosselin #1
Ritchie & Finlan #2
Anderson & Zoulek #3 & #18
Loudermilk & Blohm #6
Parmalee & Pranger #9
Klotz & DeRuiter #12
Inglis & Gosselin #16
Beckman & Aebig #17

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Aeration Process

Starting October 5th we will be aerating the Back 9 greens. Last week the Front 9 was completed with plugs being removed, heavy top dressing of sand, dragged and rolled. The same will be done and complete Monday, weather permitting. The tees, and fairways have been completed already.

BOIX Memorial

October 3, 2009 marked the date of an event like no other here at Oceana, the BOIX Memorial. Gary D. Bonine pictured here recently passed away, and his friends and family from here and afar attended a party in his memory. Winners of hole prizes as follows: #1-Curtis Team, #2-2 ski's & a sleaze, #3-Kelly Team, #4-Dave Dumonte, #5-Corey Dumonte, #6-Michael Robbins, #7-Linda Root, #8-Dave Mahynski, #9-Brandon Romero, #10-Dan Daugherty, #11-Mike Holmes, #12-Kelly Team, #13-Doug VanGills, #14-Kelly Team, #15-Dave Dumonte, #16-Brandon Romero, #17-Pine Cone, #18-Nelly Gilroy. Low Score for the day belong to Two Ski's and a Sleaze with 63, with the first place prize going to Charlie Sullivan, Corey Dumonte, Steve Root and Linda Root. High score prize went to Al Pearson, Mike Holmes, Brent Holmes, Rob Holmes with 76.